How do you find bugs in your ecommerce website?

I would suggest finding some tools to find out how the app is performing on different devices and screen sizes (resolution). Google’s Chrome has a tool in Inspect mode called “device toolbar” witch lets you emulate different devices and resolutions. There are many more other tools like this, some free and some a bit costly.

Once emulator have given you enough inputs, start with focus group test or Monkey testing i.e know how different personas use the functionality and employ tracking mechanisms to log all the interactions details. This is basically a crash test.

– Understand the features and functionality of all the modules and plugins of your ecommerce platform
– Test in different platforms and environment
– Source test cases of similar usability
– Check if your inventory – manage stock > Verifying Item count after adding and deleting
– Check your Coupon system: Verifying Coupon codes-If your application supports that(Coupons help you redeem the points)
– Verifying Payment Methods – Paypal, Stripe and Other payment methods
– Verifying purchasing of any item when it is not in stock, see if it’s possible, if it is: check your inventory and see what you’ve sold to the user? See if there is a problem with the item or category.
– Verifying shipping methods and shipping charges if applicable
– Verify with Different credit card types-Visa, Master, Discover, Amex
– Verify with expired credit card.

There are many other ways to verify your website. Please check out our other blog posts.

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